Hiding Assets From A Bankruptcy: What You Need To Know

If you choose to file for bankruptcy, you are required to include all the information regarding your assets. You have to be truthful and upfront about what you own in your asset disclosure. If you feel tempted to try and hide some of your assets, you should proceed with caution. Here are some things you should know about not disclosing your assets in bankruptcy: Why Would You Hide Your Assets?

What Is A Temporary Order?

If you are in the process of divorce and have already started going to court, you may have heard the term "temporary order." Orders may pertain to child custody, spousal support, and other arrangements. When an order is temporary, it may last months or years while you resolve other issues pertaining to your case. Why Does a Judge Issue a Temporary Order? Let's say that your divorce case is expected to go on for weeks or months.

Divorce and How to Respect the Best Interests of Your Child

Putting children first when divorcing is a good overall goal, and divorcing parents will find that sentiment echoed by several provisions. The family court system places a high priority on the protection and care of minor children. Sometimes, to the befuddlement of the parents, the needs and wants of the parents play little to no part in the decisions about the children. Understanding how to address a child's needs rather than your own when divorcing is vital, so read on to find out more.

How A Criminal Lawyer Can Help If There Is An Old Warrant Out For You

A warrant is something the court issues when they have probable cause to arrest a person in connection to a crime or some other type of matter. When the court issues the warrant, they will not notify you; however, the police will arrest you if they pull you over and discover that there is a warrant out for you. If you just discovered that there is an old warrant out for you, the best thing you can do is hire a criminal lawyer for help.

Understanding Child Custody Choices

When two people divorce, the way they deal with child custody can have great ramifications. Unless the two agree, contentious issues like child custody can turn divorce into a battleground. Even when you and your spouse agree on what is best for your child, the choices you make will continue to affect you and your child for many years. You might be puzzled when you find out how many choices you have before you when dealing with child custody.