Two Finance-Related Divorce Mistakes You Should Avoid

Getting divorced is never something a person thinks is going to happen when they get married. Unfortunately, divorces happen every day. If your marriage is no longer working and a divorce is the only way out of the problems, you have to accept the fact that you have an expensive process ahead of you. You can, however, save yourself a little money by avoiding these two costly financial mistakes.  

Time To Go Your Separate Ways: 4 Steps To Protect Your Kids Well-Being During The Divorce

If you're going through a divorce, and you have children, you need to make sure that your struggles don't carry over to them. Marital problems can take their toll on children, especially if they see you reacting in an emotional way. Here are four tips that will help you protect your child's well-being during your divorce proceedings. Avoid Fighting Around the Children Once your marriage starts falling apart, feelings may be raw.

3 Mistakes To Avoid In The Divorce Process

If you are about to get a divorce from your spouse, the process can be very confusing and overwhelming. Many people end up making mistakes along the way and don't prepare for everything correctly.  Being prepared for this process is essential because you don't want to get into a messy divorce simply because you didn't understand all the legal issues and what you need to do on your end.  Make sure you always seek legal counsel and get free consultations so you are able to understand the entire process and refrain from making one of these three mistakes.

How Will Breastfeeding Affect Child Custody?

Breastfeeding has become a very hot topic again lately, as more medical studies support the value of breastfeeding and nursing mothers assert their rights to feed their babies in public. How does this issue come into play, however, when it comes to divorced parents and shared custody? Whether you're a mother or a father, read more to learn about how this issue could affect you and your child.   Both science and the law support breastfeeding.

Want To Change Or Discontinue Alimony Based On Your Ex-Spouse's Cohabitation With Another? Learn More

Alimony can be hotly contested in a divorce because people simply don't feel like they should have to continue supporting a dependent spouse after the marriage is over. In many ways, it keeps the payer, at least, feeling like the marriage really isn't over. In addition, it's a continual drain on the payer's finances and resources for as long as it goes on. That's why these cases often end up back in court when the recipient of the alimony begins cohabitating with another.