Questions About How To Make Legal Costs For Your Divorce Affordable

One of the things that many people fear about divorce is how much it is going to cost them. Most divorce lawyers will charge by the hour rather than use a flat fee, which means that you don't know what the final cost will be until everything is finished. Here are some questions you may have about how to make your divorce more affordable so you are not shocked by a big bill.

Can You Get A List Of Charges? 

You should always ask your lawyer if they can provide you with a list of charges that you can expect during the divorce proceedings. This list of charges will include all the different things that you can be charged for, and how much it will cost you. For example, you will learn that there may be a charge for photocopying documents, which you can do on your own by not providing the originals at the time you hand documents over. All of these little things can add up during your divorce proceedings. 

Will Being More Organized With Paperwork Help?

A common mistake that people make with paperwork is not organizing it before dropping it off with their lawyer. Anything that you can do to cut down on the time your lawyer spends looking through paperwork is going to lower their billing hours. For example, if you are providing information about your income level, it can help to give photocopies of documents that have relevant parts highlighted. 

Does A Divorce Case Have To Go To Trial?

You may have the wrong impression of divorce cases based on what you've seen in movies and television shows. Divorce cases can get costly when they go to trial, but they do not have to go that far. It is much more affordable to make decisions about a divorce in mediation with your spouse, which will keep the costs low and affordable. If you have a dispute about some specific items, you must realize what it will cost you to have a judge settle the decision for you in court. You may decide that the cost to go to trial is not worth it, and it may be better to come to an agreement about the item in mediation.

These are only a few questions you may have related to the cost of your divorce. Reach out to a divorce lawyer at a firm like Bray & Johnson Law Firm for more information on getting a divorce.