How A Criminal Lawyer Can Help If There Is An Old Warrant Out For You

A warrant is something the court issues when they have probable cause to arrest a person in connection to a crime or some other type of matter. When the court issues the warrant, they will not notify you; however, the police will arrest you if they pull you over and discover that there is a warrant out for you. If you just discovered that there is an old warrant out for you, the best thing you can do is hire a criminal lawyer for help. Here are the ways a lawyer can help you deal with this problem.

The Lawyer Can Review the Case

The first reason to visit a lawyer is to allow him or her the chance to review your case. If there is a warrant, the lawyer can find out exactly why there is a warrant and can research the events of the incident to determine if there is enough probable cause for the court to even pursue this warrant. If the warrant is really old, extremely minor, or very trivial, the lawyer might ask the court to drop the charges, and the court may agree under certain circumstances. Even if the court will not agree to this at this time, there is always a chance the prosecutor might decide to drop the charges when he or she receives the case to review.

The Lawyer Can Give You Advice

Secondly, after reviewing your case, the lawyer can give you good, solid advice as to what to do about this warrant and the charges you are facing. Without talking to a lawyer, you will not know your legal rights, and you will have no advice to follow.

The Lawyer Can Help You Arrange for the Bail Money Needed

Finally, visiting a lawyer to deal with an old warrant is a good idea for help arranging money to use to get bailed out of jail. Bail money is necessary with almost all arrests, and it can be expensive in many cases. If you do not have the money needed to bail yourself out of jail, your lawyer will be able to put you in contact with a company that offers bail bonds, and this is the ideal way to get out of jail if you cannot afford it on your own.

Dealing with an old warrant is a serious issue you should never ignore. Instead, contact a criminal law firm like Maruca Law to discuss the situation with an criminal lawyer of your choice.