3 Crucial Aspects An Auto Accident Attorney Analyzes When Seeking Witnesses For Crash Cases

If you're a collision victim, you probably know that you need proof to win your case, especially if someone else's recklessness caused it. However, physical evidence alone may be inadequate to build your case. If you want your claim to be strong, you'll need witnesses to corroborate your story and provide an unbiased account of what happened. And, because not all witnesses are the same, it's crucial that you find credible ones. Auto accident attorneys are skilled in establishing credibility and character. If you partner with them, they'll get you witnesses who'll give a strong testimony on your behalf. Here are three crucial elements they examine when determining an observer's trustworthiness.

First-Hand Accounts 

The best witnesses are those who actually saw the crash occur and can attest to what they saw or heard. These observers can be passengers, pedestrians, or other drivers passing by when the accident happened. While their memories may not be perfect, they may have a more precise recollection of the events than someone who only arrived on the scene after the incident.

An attorney can interview these individuals and find out if their accounts corroborate the information offered by the physical evidence. If they find a match, they'll take the observer's contact information and ask them to provide a formal statement or testify in court on your behalf.

The Observer's Relation to the Victim

Although family members can offer excellent testimonies on behalf of their loved ones who have been involved in a crash, it's vital to work with an objective third-party witness. The opposing counsel or insurance companies may try to suggest that the testimony provided by a relative is biased and, therefore, not credible. To avoid this, a lawyer can help you find someone unrelated to you to serve as a witness and offer an unbiased account of what transpired. They'll ensure these individuals clearly understand what's expected of them and provide helpful insights into the events that led up to the collision.

Witness's Background

An observer's background is something any crash victim shouldn't ignore. If you pick a witness with a criminal history, the other party's attorney could use that to discredit them. The jury may also find it difficult to trust their testimony. The same goes for someone with a history of mental illness or drug abuse.

Auto crash attorneys try to find out as much as possible about the witnesses they plan to call. They check their criminal records and talk to people who know them well. If they discover these individuals have a questionable past, they'll not list them as witnesses but pick those with clean backgrounds.

The witness you select for your case can have a significant impact on the outcome of your trial. An auto accident attorney can use these elements to get a witness who will offer a strong testimony in your favor.