Matters That An Adult Guardianship Law Attorney Can Handle For Clients

As the parent of an intellectually or physically disabled child, you must think about what will happen to them when you are no longer here. However, you may not want to entrust the court to decide what to do with your child after you die. You may even worry that decisions will be made that will not benefit your child's health or safety.

Instead of leaving your child's future to chance, you must lay out plans now for when you are no longer here. You can get those plans in writing and legally finalized by hiring an experienced adult guardianship law attorney.

Stipulating Guardianship

You may not want your adult child to be sent to a nursing home or state-run facility after you pass away. You may actually have relatives, such as other adult children, who are willing to take on caring for them instead. As such, to ensure that guardianship passes from you to the other approved person, you need to retain an adult guardianship law attorney to stipulate these plans in writing. The lawyer can devise a will for you that will indicate where the disabled adult child will go to live after you die. These written plans prevent a court from overriding them, so long as the newly designated guardian poses no risk to the disabled individual.

Setting Aside Money

An adult guardianship law attorney can also assist you in building a fund that the new guardian can use to support your adult child. The lawyer can set up the trust and supervise it to ensure that the funds are not misused or stolen. In addition, they can also advise you on how much money you need to save to ensure that your adult child will not be a burden to the new guardian.

After you die, you can have your adult guardianship law attorney bequeath those funds onto the adult child and his or her new guardian. Your adult guardianship lawyer will prevent other family members from laying claim to it. The trust will be solely labeled and designated for the adult child that you intend to take care of after you pass away.

An adult guardianship law attorney can provide important benefits to you and your adult child. The attorney can help you put stipulate the guardianship plans after you pass away. Likewise, your lawyer can also help you establish a trust for future financial support. Contact an adult guardianship attorney for more information.